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  YOU must carry your own gear.

Think small, durable, and lightweightbecause caving will trash, ruin, and destroy anything you bring with you.


You will need TWO sets of clothes (1) caving clothes, and (2) a complete change of clothes and shoes for the ride home. Avoid cotton clothing for your “cave clothes” (wet cotton is cold against the skin and causes hypothermia.)  Polypro, nylon, acrylic, synthetics, and wool will keep you warmer underground. 


! Leave your “after cave” change of clothes in the car for the ride home.


CLOTHING: Bring to change into or wear into the cave:

o    Sturdy hiking boots with deep lug soles and ankle support

o    Thermal underwear 

o    Coveralls, with thermal underwear underneath… if you do not have coveralls, then wear layered clothing (sweatshirt/sweater) over your thermals, and an “outer layer” of jeans or pants and a windbreaker or jacket.


o    Two pairs of Wool or Synthetic socks – no cotton.

o    Knee Pads (optional, but highly recommended)

o    Leather-palmed or gardening gloves

o    Hair tie back (if you have long hair)

o    Bandana (optional)

o    Approved helmet with a non-hanging chin strap and helmet mounted light (BRG has extra helmets available for the first trip or two; after that you need to buy your own.)


o    Cave pack – absolutely necessary!  Choose a pack with adjustable straps that will hold ALL the equipment listed below.  A lightweight “day pack” or kid’s school backpack will work.  So will military surplus packs.  This is your survival pack; its contents will help you survive underground for 24-48 hours if you become separated from your group, lost, hurt, or trapped.


In the Cave Pack, you must have:


o    Four to Eight alkaline batteries for the primary electric light system.

o    Small flashlight with new batteries.

o    Candle and matches (store in a waterproof bag)

o    Unbreakable plastic water bottle.  No glass or cans! 

o    Extra ziplock bags

o    Small (palm sized) first aid kit (optional, recommended)

o    Small pocketknife or multi-use tool

o    One large (30gal) plastic trash or leaf bag.

o    Food: trail mix, granola or power bars, ”junk food” are best.  Choose high energy food that does not need to be refrigerated, can be “mashed” and can be eaten cold.



 -     Cave Softly and Safely with landowner permission

-     If you bring it into the cave, you must bring it out

-       Leave no trace

-       Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time (NSS motto)

Caving Rules

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