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Information for new cavers about caves and caving






2.     Every cave has an owner.  Respect landowners & their property - ALWAYS get permission before caving (failure to do so is considered trespassing). 


3.     Cave in groups of at least 3 or 4, and have an experienced caver in the group. 


4.     Know your group; make sure your group understands and practices cave conservation and safety techniques.  Otherwise, don't take them caving.  


5.     Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. 


6.     Always have at least 3 reliable sources of light.


7.     Know the cave and check weather conditions before entering.


8.     Always wear a helmet & have proper equipment in good working order.


9.     Know your limits & have proper training & safety equipment before attempting advanced techniques (vertical caving, cave diving)


10.  Know and abide by the state and federal cave protection laws.


11.  It is illegal to break or remove broken formations; disturb, harm, or remove cave creatures; disturb or remove historic artifacts or bones; deface the cave by leaving litter or writing or marking on the cave walls.


12.  Don't leave garbage in the cave; take out all man-made litter & trash and dispose of it properly.


13.  NEVER use any ropes, ladders, etc. that have been left in the cave.


14.  Never run in a cave, and never jump when you can climb.


15.  Always stay clear of people above and below you.


16.  If you dislodge anything while climbing, scream "ROCK"!!.


17.  Always stay with your group - don't wander off.  If you get lost, STAY PUT...someone will find you.


18.  Never drink cave water - it may look clean, but can be polluted.


19.  If any person on the trip becomes injured or tired, experienced trip members will escort that person from the cave ASAP.


20.  Don't give cave locations to just anyone! They may damage the cave, or trespass, or get hurt or lost.


21.  Please report cave vandals to the cave owner & police.  The actions of a few slobs can ruin caves & close caves for EVERYONE


22. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.  (NSS motto)


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