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2017 NSS Cover Art Salon

Each year, the editors send in the 5 best CARBIDE DUMP covers for competition in the NSS Cover Art Salon.

VOTE for your favorite 5 Newsletter Covers!

  1. Look at the covers from the 2017 CARBIDE DUMP, featured here on the web page.
  2. Mark down your favorite five covers .....
  3. send me an email with your vote:

Subject: DUMP Covers

I like January, April, October, etc.

On-line voting will be combined with votes at the meeting to decide the top 5 covers. Then we'll complete the rest of the paperwork and send them in before the deadline.


Jan. 2071 v52n1: Nixon Formation in Locomotive Breath Cave (D. Socky)
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  Feb. 2017 v52n2: A lone stalagmite in Grand Caverns, VA.  (D Socky)
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  Mar 2017 v52n3: Vonnie Droms and Bob Alderson in Lowmoor Cave, VA.  (Mark Minton)
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  Apr. 2017 v52n4: Dave Socky & Paul Thomas Rowland @ BRG Vertical Practice.  (M. McConnell)
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May 2016 Carbide Dump      
May 2017 v52n5: Doug Feller and Bill Walker in Hamilton Cave, WV.  (D. Socky)
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  July 2017 v52n6: Silas Springer in a WVa cave. 
(D. Socky)
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  Aug. 2017 v52n7: Are We Having Fun Yet?  Dave Socky waiting to survey in a WVa cave.  (Yvonne Droms)
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  Sep. 2017 v52n8: Kelly McCarthy admiring mini-chandeliers in Simmons-Mingo Cave, WV.  (D. Socky)
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Nov. 2017 v52n9: George Dasher surveying in Rich Creek Cave, WV.  (D. Socky)
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  December 2017 v52n10: 2017 BRG Christmas Card.  (Artwork by Marian McConnell, graphics by D. Socky)
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