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(Revised August 2013)


  • Any BRG member in good standing can set up a grotto trip.
  • Grotto trips will be announced in advance; either in the CARBIDE DUMP  or at the monthly meeting.
  • All participants must sign up for the trip in advance.
  • Guests and trainees must be sponsored by BRG members.
  • Sponsors must accompany their guests on the cave trip.
  • A grotto trip may be cancelled at any time.

LEADERS.  The Trip Leader:

  • Will determine the trip’s purpose.
  • Will contact landowner for permission to visit the cave.
  • Will set trip size limits.
  • Will set the trip’s difficulty level.
  • Has the final say as to who can go on the cave trip.
  • Is responsible for finding sponsors for      non-members and guests.
  • Will check to see that guests and non-members have signed waivers.
  • Will check to see that all participants have adequate equipment.
  • Is responsible for checking out grotto gear and promptly returning it in good condition to the gear cache.
  • Will collect $$ for damage to grotto gear (other than normal wear and tear) from the person(s) using said equipment, or the leader will pay for its repair from his own pocket.
  • May cancel the trip at any time.


  • All participants must sign up in advance for grotto trips due to trip size limitations.
  • BRG members and sponsors may call the trip leader to sign up if they live out of town or cannot attend the meeting.
  • Non-members and guests may sign up for grotto trips only at the monthly meeting; they may not call or email to sign up.
  • Members who bring a guest are expected to sponsor and accompany their guest on the same trip.
  • All participants are required to have proper safety gear in good working order.
  • Any participant can recommend that a particular person not participate in a cave trip due to lack of experience or proper equipment.
  • Participants may not individually check out grotto gear; they should make a request for grotto gear to the trip leader.


  • Grotto gear is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Trip leaders will be responsible for checking out the needed grotto gear, and returning it promptly in good condition to the gear cache.
  • The user of any grotto gear provides their own batteries.
  • The user is held responsible for the gear’s returned condition and will be charged for repair or replacement if the gear is damaged, abused, or lost.

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