BRG Oct. 19, 2007 Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:38PM by acting vice-chair, Pat Sims.


Attendance: Pat Sims, Al Stewart, Dave Socky, Susan Burr acting secretary, Carl Cornett, Carl Alls, Doug Feller


Cave trip reports: see sheet (below).


Talked about upcoming trip next month to Starnes Cave, horizontal part only, Doug Feller leader.


Program: Straley’s Cave Video


Treasurer’s Report:

TREASURER  10/19/07

General Fund       $ 4705.04

Conservation        $   533.93

Equipment Fund  $   321.00

Cave Bucks         $     35.30    


Total:                 $5595.26



BCI       $45.00 (from Conservation)

WVCC  $50.00 (from Cave Bucks)



Committee Reports: I don’t think anything was reported in any section, but I can’t remember. The only one that may have a report would be by Dave, ask him. Sorry!


No new member proposals


Old Business:

  • Read part of a thank you letter from Tim Kilby, owner of New River Cave, to the NCRC people.
  • Haunted Cave- we still have openings to haunt!
  • Hosting a VAR- Susan Burr reports that she still can’t find a campground, but we have a possibility at the Buchanan Fairgrounds. Pat Sims is writing a proposal letter for Susan to give to the mayor & they will both probably attend the town council meeting in Nov. Also Susan mentioned the possibility of co-hosting the VAR with James River Grotto. They have a small grotto, which couldn’t put one on themselves, so they have graciously offered any services needed. They are also helping us look for a campsite.
  • Website- Dave Socky still needs to get with Shawn Hinchy.
  • Xmas cards-we passed around the 2 cards Marian McConnell made.  Due to low attendance, we decided to put off voting on which one until Nov. meeting.
  • Grotto Xmas Party- Reminded everyone that we are prepaying the $16 to attend. Due to low attendance we decided to put off voting on the menu until Nov. meeting.


New Business:

Dave Socky nominated the old slate of officers for another year, Carl Cornett second it. We still have nominations open. Voting next month.



  • Marian McConnell is on Board of Wildlife &Conservation for Tri County organization - see sheet. Sorry
  • We have copies of several publications available to read ex... Mudslinger, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 8:27PM



Submitted by Susan Burr, acting Secretary


(Trip reports on next page, transcribbled from hand written notes.   MSSocky)

(October 19 BRG Meeting Minutes, continued)



Grotto Trip Log


9/16/2007: Scott Hollow Cave, WVa.  BRG folk Doug Feller, Rick Shortt, Leanne Barley, Pat Sims, Susan Burr, Brian Williams had fun!  (NOTE: Mike and Pat Dore have installed multiple handlines to use throughout the cave, along with elephant tracks on the mud slopes.)   We did the Omega Trail Loop, went to the Double Waterfall, and also saw the Wedding Bell Formation.  Doug, Pat, and Susan went out the way we went in.  Rick, Leanne and Brian went out through Patty Lane, and exited 30 minutes after the first group.  Excellent 7 to 7 ˝ hour trip.


9/22/2007: Carl Alls, Amy Faub, and Hayley Grasty went to Marshall Cave, VA.  They had a little problem finding the entrance.  Hayley had a map with the GPS coordinates.  They were in the cave for 3 -4 hours.  They explored the bottom section, went back to the Leap of Faith and then turned around.  There was another group in the cave, too – the only safety equipment they had was helmets.  The only other excitement was Haley broke her toe in the Kroger Parking lot on the way to the cave.


9/23/2007: Dave Socky attended the Virginia Cave Board Meeting and visited Natural Tunnel, VA – a cave so big that trains run through it! 


2007 Fall VAR/MAR:  10/12 -Carl Cornett and 7 cavers went to Big Run Cave, WVa.  10/13 – Carl Cornett and 7 cavers (the same ones?) went to Friars Hole, WVa.  Later in the afternoon, a local gave us directions to Crawford # 1 Cave, WVa.  The owner took us just inside the entrance with an invitation to return later.  10/14 – two of us returned to Crawford # 1 Cave and explored around for 3 ˝ hours. 


10/13/2007: Dave Socky, Rick Shortt Leanne Barley, and an additional five other cavers (total of 8) went to Sites Cave, WVa during Fall VAR.


10/13/2007: Mystic Cave, WVa. VAR Trip.  Susan Burr, Pat Sims, Matt Lair, Mike Frazier, Leader Howard NLN and son Hayden NLN and one more caver who remains nameless saw tons of crayfish, a couple of salamanders, one fish, and lots of bats.  Everyone but Pat got wet up to their waists.  Susan really enjoyed this cave.