March 17, 2006

Dave Socky Mary Sue Socky Nicholas Socky
Marian McConnell Carl Cornett Chris Heptinstall
Pat Sims Doug Feller Al Stewart
Susan Burr Jamie Floyd* Heath Howard*
Lance Shipe* Jeff Richards Jared Richards
Jennifer Perdue Kristen Perdue Todd Martin
Randy Michael Paul Stoutamire Whitney Wells

1. Introductions. 18 members and 3 guests were present.

2. Trip Reports:
* On February 11th, Dave Socky, Susan Burr, Ricky Shortt, Leanne Barley, and others filmed for 11-1/2 hours in the new section of Grand Caverns.
* On February 18th, Mary Sue Socky and Stuart LaManna (guest) did several hours of conservation work along the trails of Dixie Caverns.
* On February 18th, Dave Socky, Marian McConnell, Dan McConnell, Aaron Moses, Carl Cornett, Leanne Barley, Cyndi Hutchison, and Susan Burr went into New Dixie to film for Emergence and to complete the survey. Dave and Aaron completed the survey - 60' - and now have the data to draw the map.
* On February 25th, Dan McConnell and Marian McConnell held a vertical workshop at Rocwood. Dan did cable ladder training and then worked with participants on changeovers and other vertical techniques. Marian worked with Jennifer and Kristin and others on rappelling.
* On March 4th, Mary Sue Socky, Carol Tideman, and Charles Kahn went off trail in Grand Caverns to pick up broken glass and remove survey tape.
* On March 4th, Nicholas Socky and Joe/Tom (NLN) dug open filled passage in Jefferson Cave and toured nearby Fountain Cave.
* On March 11th, Marian McConnell, Carl Cornett, Cole Frantz, Susan Burr, Mary Sue Socky, Nicholas Socky, took 11 Boy Scouts and 2 adult leaders from BSA T-221 to Island Ford. They had lots of fun and one Scout got some ladies' briefs in his pack for leaving it behind. (Note: scary story about Marian's 4Runner overheating - which saved her and Cole because her steering was 99% gone! They ended up riding with Susan Burr.)
* On March 12th, Dave, Marian, Susan, Cindy, Leanne, Jennifer, Kristin, and Randy filmed for Emergence in the parking lot of Roanoke City Parks & Recreation for Emergence. The van barely got out of the parking lot; Susan joked we had commitment issues. Bystanders thought we were hilarious.
Upcoming Trips:
* March 18th - Girl-actresses in Tawneys for Emergence. Meet at HROM at 9:30 am.
* April 15th - 17th Annual Grand Caverns conservation day.
* April 15th - Dave Socky will be leading a trip into Cave Spring.
* April 16th - Cyndi, Paul, and all BRG members - 3rd Street Coffeehouse (corner of 3rd and Mountain) for filming the "breakup scene" for Emergence. Meet at 5:00 pm - Marian is buying pizza for all.
a April 23rd - Paul, Ricky, and Jeff and film crew in Tawneys to film for Emergence. Meet at HROM at 9:30 am. Jennifer and Kristen may come too, to film the "sleeping scene."
* April 28-30th is the Spring VAR at Grand Caverns. See registration in the Dump.
* May 20th - Paul, Ricky, and Jeff and film crew in Catawba Murder Hole to film for Emergence. Dan will be there for safety & techniques since this is vertical. Meet at HROM at 9:30 am. Bring vertical gear if you have it. We'll only be going to the middle level.

3. Program of the Day - Dave Socky's footage of Grand Caverns new section; with Ricky Shortt and Susan Burr giving stellar performances.

4. Minutes from the last meeting approved.

5. Treasurer's Report:
General $5,281.73
Conservation 574.71
Cave Bucks 204.93
Equipment 221.00

6. Reports of Committees:
Newsletter - great issue and great cover of Susan and Ricky in Grand by Aaron.
Membership - we have 58 members and 2 subscribers.
ROCKS - Dave Socky reported that the New Dixie survey is done; will need to do map now. Marian offered to help.
Safety & Techniques - nothing.
Conservation - Mary Sue and Stuart did conservation in Dixie Caverns.
Ways & Means - nothing.

7. Membership Proposals: None.

8. Old Business:
New Lights for BRG Helmets - Doug got 8 new ones from eBay and paid $9 each instead of $11 eaach. They have 8 LEDS each. Total of $72.

9. New Business:
Thank you letter to Tom Clarke of Roanoke City Parks & Recreation for the use of the van (filming for Emergence), use of Rocwood (vertical training), and helmets for Boy Scout Trip to Island Ford. Al signed and Marian will mail.
Marian has been invited to give a talk to the Roanoke Sierra Club in late September or early October about caves, cave conservation, and karst. She has spoken with Carol Zokaitis, national coordinator for the Karstwater project, who will assist, as well as Mary Sue Socky. Date TBA. Will be a walk up the driveway to Murder Hole to look at sinkholes, caves, etc., then have the presentation at Marian's house.

10. Announcements, Mailbag, etc.
All are encouraged to join the NSS.
Open party at PSC Field House on March 25th; admission is $3.
SE Kentucky Caver Invitational.
Karst Field Studies at Mammoth.
SECC - join and buy a piece of the rope into Neversink; you get a t-shirt if you donate $50.