June 16, 2006

Al Stewart, Dave Socky, Mary Sue Socky,
Carl Cornett, Todd Martin, Doug Feller,
Susan Burr, Pat Sims, Cyndi Hutchison,
Dan McConnell, Marian McConnell, Rudy Jennings*,
John Jennings*, Joel McCormick*, Cole Frantz,
Jennifer Perdue, Ellie Laskey*

1. Trip Reports:
Dave Socky went to WVACs Cave (date?) that was about 40-50' long; big mud hole.

Mary Sue, Dave, Marian, Susan, Carl, Pat, and Trish went to Grand, Fountain, and Madison on June 2nd. See trip report in Carbide Dump. Bob Thren was also there along with about a dozen other cavers who went into Madison.

Cyndi and Trish went rappelling at Ram's Head, a 140' drop in New River Gorge on May 19th and 20th.

Pat, Mary Sue, and Susan went on a beginner trip to Porters on May 20th (none of the beginners showed up).

Dave Socky went to Hell Hole on May 20th; it was a 22+ hour trip. One girl was really slow. They surveyd about 200' of virgin passage. Rappelled into a dome pit about 50' long, 30' wide, 60' deep.

May 27: Rick Shortt, Doug Feller, Aaron Moses, Leanne Barley, and Dave Socky went to Caldwell Cave in Giles county. This was a fun and sporting vertical trip which involved 5 short pits. This was excellent practice for a Frog System.(Dave Socky added this trip report to the online minutes. This trip report is NOT in the official minutes published by Marian. Will anyone notice this?)

Upcoming Trips:
June 17 - BRG trip to Smoke Hole and Links.
July 21 - Hooky day trip into Rufe Caldwell (tentative).
July 23 - Emergence filming in Tawneys with Jennifer, Kristin, Paul, Ricky and Pat (tentative).
September 16 - Vertical trip to Giant (tentative).

2. Program of the Day: None (equipment wasn't working).

3. Treasurer's Report:
General $5,200.17
Conservation 575.00
Cave Bucks 231.00
Equipment 239.00

4. Committees:
Newsletter - thanks for artwork and articles.
Membership - Mary Sue sent out a letter to 40+ people who've inquired about the Grotto or attended meetings but have never joined. Join or you'll be dropped.
ROCKS - nothing.
Safety & Techniques - Trip to Giant in September (vertical).
Conservation - Vacant.
Ways & Means - Vacant.

5. Membership Proposals - Jennifer Perdue (sponsored by Marian McConnell) was voted in unanimously.

6. Old Business:

a. BRG Party - Will have a pool party instead of the regular July meeting on Saturday, July 22nd at Spring Run Swim Club (just past Sockys' house) from Noon until 7:30 pm. Mary Sue arranged with management (from her many hours of volunteer work) to get discounts, so the pavilion rental will only be $25, and cost per person is only $1 (instead of $5). There are tennis courts, basketball, kiddie pool, BBQ grills, etc. BYOB (be discreet). We will purchase picnic food (list passed around to sign up) for participants. It's our way of saying "thanks" for being a member. Family members are welcome.

b. Distribution of conservation and cave bucks. A list was prepared by Dave and Susan of how to distribute $806 in cave bucks and conservation funds. The list was approved with 1 change; to donate $100 to the Vinton Firehouse (instead of $50). Vote passed unanimously.
VSS - $75
VAR - $75
WVCC - $75
Vinton Firehouse - $100
SECCI - $50
NCA - $50
BCI - $50
ACCA - $50
NSS Save the Caves - $50
Virginia Cave Board - $50
MAKC - $25
CCV - $25
NSS Cave Vandalism Deterrent Reward - $50
WVACS - $50

c. Girl Scout Trips (Nancy Kuebler, Scout Leader) - Marian will be leading 2 Girl Scout trips with Cole, Carl, Dan, etc. One is August 6 from 10a - 6p in Island Ford (meet at McDonalds at Mallow Mall at 10a); the other is August 13 from 11a-5p in Tawneys (meet at Bat Ranch at 11a). Mary Sue and Marian and Carl are doing an orientation for the Girl Scouts at Dark Hollow on June 19th at noon.

7. New Business:

a. Joel McCormick of Danville Parks and Recreation (attended as a guest) would like to have BRG lead a beginner trip - possibly to Island Ford on Wednesday July 26th. Susan and Marian may be able to help with this - will check on dates and talk with Joel. Danville has a van and helmets with lights. Will need to check over list of what the kids need to bring and wear (no tennis shoes!)

b. Marian, Mary Sue, possibly Carol Zokaitis, and possibly with guest speaker Phil Lucas will be doing a Cave conservation talk/walk at Catawba Murder Hole on Saturday, October 7th from 2-5pm for the Sierra Club. This will all be above-ground (no caving). Afterwards there will be a house concert by Pops Walker at 7pm ($7/person) with pot luck supper in between.

8. Announcements, mail bag, etc.

9. Adjournment at 8:45p.