July 20, 2007




Marian McConnell

Susan Burr

Pat Sims

Dan McConnell

Al Stewart

Carl Cornett

Carl Alls

Randy Michael



1. Trip Reports:

            June 14-23, Marian, Dan, and Carl Cornett participated in the NCRC Weeklong Training Seminar. Caves included: Tawney’s, Links, New Castle Murder Hole, Dixie Caverns, Goodwins, Pig Hole, and New River. See the writeup in the Dump. Letters are being sent from Harold Chrimes on behalf of NCRC thanking the landowners for their hospitality. (Note that Links, New Castle Murder Hole, and Pig Hole were only visited preliminarily; and were not used for actual NCRC activities. This was especially good because of the skunk living in New Castle Murder Hole!)

            June 16, Pat, Carl, Doug, Dave, Ricky, LeeAnn, John, and Cameron went to Cave Spring for the June BRG trip. Went all the way to the back.

            Dixie Caverns Restoration – MarySue, Meredith, etc. did lots of restoration in Dixie; see article in the Dump.

            June 30, Pat, Susan, 7 people went to Goodwins – see article in the Dump.

            July 7, Susan, Pat, MarySue, and Trish went to Grand Caverns. Susan was supposed to push a lead but 4-5 charges of microblasting didn’t open it up enough.



            The July BRG trip will be to Windy Mouth cave in WV on July 21. Meet at HROM at 9:00 am; kneepads are mandatory. Ricky and Pat are leading the trip.

            Grand Caverns August 4-5.

            BRG Pool Party August 18 at noon.

            BRG September 22 trip to Scott Hollow.

            NCRC Weekend Cave Rescue Orientation Class in PA September 29-30.

            Fall TAG, October 4-7.

            Fall VAR/MAR, October 12-14.


2. Program: None (Carl will follow up with Pat Size about photos from NCRC Weeklong for September meeting.)


3. Treasurer’s Report:

            General                       $4,876.02

            Conservation                   578.92

            Cave Bucks                        85.30

            Equipment Fund               321.00

            TOTAL                     $5,861.24


4. Committees:

            Newsletter – July newsletter is out. Socky’s on vacation (@ NSS Convention)

            Membership – Sockys on vacation

            ROCKS – Sockys on vacation

            Safety & Techniques – Dan will get a date at Rocwood in August to work on single-rope pick-offs and other SRT skills. It was suggested that he consider doing a 1-day mock for BRG some time in the future.

            Conservation – Vacant

            Ways & Means – Vacant


5. Membership Proposals – No current proposals tabled; no new proposals.


6. Old Business:

            Dixie Caverns Conservation project – completed.

            New Cave Trip Checklist – available for use.

            Sign up for BRG Pool Party.

            NCRC Thank You Letters – Marian and Mary Sue will provide addresses to Harold Chrimes to send out letters to landowners.


7. New Business:

            Would BRG like to host a VAR in Fall ’08 or Spring ’09? Susan checking on possible sites and information.

            BRG received a certificate from SECC regarding our “ownership” (due to donations) of “SECC Surface Section F-8” at South Pittsburgh Pit.


8. Announcements


Adjourned at 8:09 pm.


Minutes by Marian McConnell