February 17, 2006

MarySue Socky, Dave Socky, Marian McConnell,
John Jennings*, Rudy Jennings*, Mike Guzo*,
Stuart Lamanna*, Al Stewart, Whitney Wells*,
Paul Stoutamire*, Carl Cornett, Joseph Caldwell,
Doug Feller, Susan Burr, Pat Sims,
Cindi Hutchison


Note: There was a snafu getting into the Firehouse - Chris Heptinstall's contact didn't unlock the door for us, so we didn't get in until 8pm.

1. Introductions.

2. Trip Reports:
MarySue took a group of school kids from Wonju Koreo into Dixie Caverns on January (date?). We need to help them improve their cave talk spiel.
Dave and Marian did Emergence filming in Tawneys on January 21st, along with Jennifer and Kristen Perdue, Cindy Hutchison, Susan Burr, Lee Ann Barley, Ricky Shortt, Aaron Moses, Carl Cornett. Got some good footage in the formation room.
Dave, Susan, Ricky and others did filming in Grand Caverns (new section) on January 28th. Twelve cavers headed in, some didn't make it through the squeeze. MarySue and Nicholas removed survey tape from the commercial section.
Dave, Aaron, Larry Fisher, Gordon Cole and others did a 15-hour trip into Maxwelton (in Greenbrier County, WV) on February 11th. They surveyed 1133' and came out around 2am into a blizzard with 8" of snow.

Upcoming trips:
Saturday, February 18th - New Dixie vertical trip to film for Emergence (girls) and finish mapping in the pretty room. Trip leaders Dave Socky, Dan McConnell.
Saturday, February 18th - Conservation trip into Dixie Caverns (commercial) and also to check for where a large rock/formation fell near Jacob's ladder. Trip leader MarySue Socky.
Sunday, February 19th - "Macho trip from hell" into McClungs from Lightner entrance through the Wind Tunnell, Liberty Bell, etc. Not for the faint of heart! Trip leader Dave Socky.
Saturday, February 25th - Cable ladder (and vertical) workshop by Dan McConnell at Rocwood Indoor Climbing Wall from 9a-3p.
Saturday, March 11th - Boy Scout trip to Island Ford (Nicholas' troop). Trip leader MarySue Socky.
Sunday, March 12th from 2-5pm - Emergence filming on Roanoke City Parks and Rec Van (no caving) for girls and film crew only. (TENTATIVE)
Saturday, March 18th from 9:30a-5p - Emergence filming of girls in Tawneys (TENTATIVE).
Sunday, April 16th from 5-8pm - Emergence filming at Third Street Coffeehouse (corner of 3rd St. and Mountain Ave. downtown; 1 block off of Elm) for Cindy, Paul, and BRG members. Marian will provide pizza! (TENTATIVE)
Saturday, April 22nd - Regular Grotto trip - location TBA.
Sunday, April 23rd, Emergence filming in Tawneys of the guys (Ricky, Paul, Jeff) (TENTATIVE).
Saturday, May 20th - Emergence filming in Murder Hole of the guys (TENTATIVE).
Saturday, June 17th - Originally was for girls in Murder Hole, but Susan can't make it. Possibly film Kristen and Jennifer ("Kate" and "Sydney") in Tawney's to makeup for New Dixie scene. (TENTATIVE).
Saturday, June 17th - Regular Grotto trip - location TBA.

3. Program of the Day - First 2 shoots from Emergence, and Dave's 3rd shoot in the new section of Grand Caverns.

4. Minutes from last month approved.

5. Treasurer's Report:
General fund $5,346.99
Conservation 574.71
Cave Bucks 204.93
Equipment fund 221.00

6. Reports of Committees:
Newsletter - February newsletter went out.
Membership - Currently have 54 members and 2 subscribers.
ROCKS - Finishing New Dixie survey tomorrow.
Safety & Techniques - Cable Ladder training at Rocwood on February 25th.
Conservation - Vacant
Ways & Means - Vacant

7. Membership Proposals: None

8. Old Business:
New lights for BRG helmets - Doug Feller found some on Ebay and Pat Sims saw some at Walmart. The ones on Ebay are cheaper (even with shipping) and may have better quality switches. It was voted and approved to purchase 8 lights from Doug's source on Ebay; approximately $10 each. They use AA batteries.
BRG IO report was turned in to the NSS. Thanks Dave and MarySue.

9. New Business: None

10. Announcements, Adjournment around 9:15p.

Minutes by Marian McConnell