April 21, 2006

MarySue Socky Dave Socky Jeff Richards
Jared Richards Shawn Garst* Melissa Garst*
Brandie Ferron* James Millen* Dan McConnell
Marian McConnell Heath Howard Susan Burr
Jennifer Perdue Carl Cornett Al Stewart
Doug Feller Jacqueline Andrusky* Pat Sims
Cole Frantz

1. Introductions.

2. Trip Reports and Plans:
On March 18th, Dave, Marian, Jennifer, Kristin, LeeAnn, Cindy, Susan, MarySue, Nicholas, Pat, Aaron visited Tawneys in Giles County. Part of the group filmed for Emergence; the others explored.
On March 26th, Marian and Aaron (Roanoke City Parks and Rec) took a group from Ferrum College into Island Ford Cave. (They were originally supposed to visit Porters, and had left messages with the owners to leave the key in the mailbox - but apparently the owners didn't get the message and didn't leave a key.) Jacqueline was one of the students that went on the trip. Note: the camera is gone in the entrance, and there were no flyers left at the kiosk; Marian informed Alex Sproul.
On April 1st, Dave and many BRG members filmed in Grand Caverns, including the opening scene and the Ballroom scene. Also explored nearby tiny Incisor Cave, which is more like an animal den.
On April 8th, Dave went to Maxwellton on one of two teams. They went back to the Thunderdome Room, and surveyed about 1000' feet on this 12-hour trip.
On April 15th, Dave Socky, Doug, Randy, Susan, Pat, Carl, Trish, LeeAnn, and Ricky visited Cave Spring Cave in Lexington. It was quite adventurous, and included the "Eye of the Needle."
On April 18th, MarySue, Carl, and Marian gave a cave conservation and safety presentation to Boy Scouts from Mt. Pleasant.

Upcoming Trips:
April 28-30: There will be lots of caving during Spring VAR April 28-30 at Grand Caverns and nearby caves.
May 20th BRG trip will be to New River Cave.
May 21st - tentatively scheduled for 3rd Street Coffeehouse filming of "Emergence" and the "break-up scene" between Tim (Paul Stoutamire) and Lynne (Cyndi Hutchison). From 2-5p.
June 17th - tentatively scheduled for filming of the guys (Paul, Jeff, Ricky) and Jennifer and Kristin for "Emergence" in Tawneys from 9:30a - 5:00p.

3. Program of the Day: Dave Socky video of Discovery of Grand Caverns. (Excellent!)

4. Minutes: Minutes from March approved.

5. Treasurer's Report:
General Fund - $5,261.73
Conservation - $574.71
Cave Bucks - $225.00
Equipment - $239.00

6. Reports of Committees:
Newsletter - Newsletter done for April. Thanks to Aaron for great photos of Grand.
Membership - Nothing new.
ROCKS - Nothing new.
Safety & Techniques - Nothing new.
Conservation - nothing. (vacant)
Ways & Means - nothing. (vacant)

7. Membership Proposals: none.

8. Old Business: None.

9. New Business: None.

10. Announcements, mailbag.

11. Adjourned at 8:45p.