Meeting Minutes

Dave & Mary Socky’s house

December 16, 2018


Attendance (in no particular order):


Susan Burr                           *Todd Burr                          Trish Geiger

Marian McConnell             David Socky                         Mary Sue Socky

Carl Cornett                         *Jennifer Suggs                  *Jason Delafield

Bob Gulden                          Dusty Gulden                      *Odin Gulden

Doug Feller                          Jeff Huffman                       *Hillary Huffman              

Randy Michael                    Lynn Ott                                Gene Harrison        

Bob Alderson                       Lauren Appel                       *Steph Petri                        

Bill Walker                            *Christie Sullivan                Cyndi Hutchison

*Carol Zokaites                   *Joe Zokaites                       *Tommy Poulson                                                                                                                                     




The BRG Christmas Party began shortly before noon on Sunday, and ended shortly before 6p.

Last week’s 14” of snow had mostly melted.  A good time was had by all, AND we got to see old caver buddies and friends from VPI Cave Club!  


The silent auction of various NSS books and the CaveSim T-shirt did not happen.  There were just too many other things going on.  Dave Socky said he could make an “on-line auction” of the materials for the BRG webpage. 


(Write-up by MSSocky)