Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2012

Vinton Fire Department – Vinton, VA – 7:30p


Pat Sims – Chairman

Mary Sue Socky – Vice

Al Stewart

Carl Cornett

Trish Geiger – Treasurer

Marian McConnell – Secty

Stephanie Petri

Susan Burr



1.     Trip Reports –

a.    On August 1st, Mary Sue Socky went to the entrance of Island Ford Cave (VA) to restock the kiosk.  Did not see any of the orange spray paint from when Marian and Jane took the Girl Scouts.

b.    On August 4th, Mary Sue Socky went to Fountain Cave (VA) – workers in the Biggers Dig have unearthed a reddish-brown formation with dogtooth spar on it.  It’s about 5’ tall so far.

c.    On July 21st the BRG trip was to Organ Cave (WV) – see the article in the Carbide Dump.

d.    Nick Socky has offered to lead a trip this coming Sunday or Monday.

e.    August 25-26th  Fountain Cave (VA) (September Grand Weekend) – might be the last time Fountain is open in 2012.  Contact Carol Tiderman at

f.     September 15th – Susan Burr is setting up a trip to Breathing Cave (VA).  Please contact her if you are interested.

g.    September – No BRG meeting, trip, or newsletter.


2.    Program – No program due to technical issues and group consensus.


3.    Treasurer’s Report –

Petty Cash - $110.00

General - $3,666.21

Conservation - $266.59

Equipment - $225.36

Cave Bucks - $159.30

Balance - $4,427.46


4.    Committees:


a.    Newsletter – Thanks to all who contributed to the August newsletter.  No newsletter in September.


b.    Membership – Nothing new.


c.    ROCKS – Possible leads on Blackburn’s property (McConnells’ new neighbors near Catawba Murder Hole in Botetourt County); Sharon Monday’s property; and Botetourt County on Haymakertown Road (entrance in the shape of Abraham Lincoln’s profile). 


d.    Safety & Techniques – Let Dan McConnell know of any special needs, ideas for training.


5.    Old Business –

a.    Celebrate Catawba on August 11th – Mary Sue and Marian manned the BRG tent and gave out cave conservation and bat (including WNS) info to about 116 people.  Very successful outreach.

b.    River Rock Climbing Gym – see website for more information. 

c.    BRG group mailings, potential members list – Mary Sue and Dave Socky have had email problems with Cox; somehow had been labeled as spammers.  This has been fixed now so hopefully the emails are getting to everyone.


6.    New Business –

a.    New window decal design – Helene Ferguson (Barry’s wife) will have a few designs available for sale – male and female SRT rope climbers.

b.    Next BRG meeting will be in October, with nominations for new officers.

c.    Pat shared information about an organization planning to do a night vision shooting event in a Kentucky cave – has relayed concerns to NSS.


7.    Announcements, Mail Bag, etc. –

a.    New NSS website is great – check it out at

b.    New WNS Decontamination prototcols – hot water (122 F) for 15 minutes will kill WNS spores.

c.    Breathing Cave (VA) access policy – do not park in old area; use old trail or part of the road.  New homeowners are upset about trespassers.  Use new parking, trail only or cave will be closed.

d.    Fall VAR dates have been changed to September 21-23.  This is a very busy weekend (Whitesides, Perkins Cave, etc.).  See info sheets on pre-registration.

e.    Perkins Cave – special trip on September 22nd.  See flyer.

f.     Phil Lucas’ new book, Caves and Karst of the Water Sinks Area, is out; not sure if he has any copies left ($66).  Marian will bring a copy to the next meeting – beautiful book with lots of stories and pictures.  This includes Helictite Cave.


8.    Adjournment at 8pm.