Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2011 at 7:30p – Vinton Fire Department



Pat Sims

Carl Cornett

David Socky

Aaron Moses

Alan Staton

Al Stewart

Susan Burr

Mary Sue Socky

Marian McConnell

Trish Geiger

Tillie Millen*

Nicole Smith*

Dusty Gulden*

Rebecca Frederickson*




1.  TRIPS:

·         On June 18, BRG trip was to Boar Hole; Mark was the “leader” but seemed to get lost.  Pat, Susan, Trish, Mary Sue, and Dave went and it was a great trip.

·         On June 25, July 2, and July 9, Aaron Moses went to Memorial Day Cave and Shovel Eater Cave to do exploration and surveying.

·         On July 13, Carl and Marian took a 10 summer camp kids to Island Ford Cave.  All did very well.

·         On July 2, Mary Sue went to Fountain and Grand; they heard that in the bottom of the maze a “vault” opened up and formations were found laying in the trail.  Carol and Mary Sue worked on conservation of the old commercial trail.

·         Alan Staton reported that per Dr. Steve Mossberg, 14-15 cavers who participated in this year’s NCRC weeklong in Puerto Rico developed histoplasmosis; including Alan.  Alan was very sick; not sure which cave(s) he picked it up in – often found in dry, dusty caves and affects the lungs (respiratory).

·         July 16 – BRG trip will be to Maxwellton Cave.

·         August 20 – BRG trip will be to Smokehole and Links Caves.

·         A BRG trip to Giant Cave will be held at a later date.


2.  PROGRAM:  “Nullabor Dreaming” (cave diving in Australia) – first half.



            Petty Cash                   $  100.00

            General                       $4901.44

            Conservation               $  266.59

            Equipment                   $  246.12

            Cave Bucks                  $  143.30

            TOTAL                         $5,657.45


4.  NEWSLETTER:  July/August went out.  Artwork and articles are always welcome.


5.  MEMBERSHIP:  No news.


6.  ROCKS:  No News.


7.  SAFETY & TECHNIQUES:  No News.  Dan is still in Ft. Benning, GA through August.





·         Updating info on Roanoke Outside website – pending.

·         Updating BRG Rescue list – Mary Sue will send out.

·         Cave Rescue Communications Streamlining – pending.

·         Celebrate Catawba on August 13 from 10a-3p – Marian will do; thanks to Mary Sue for creating new display boards.

·         Pool Party – was changed to August 21 (Sunday); bring a dish (pot luck). 

·         No BRG meeting on August 19.

·         Fall VAR – no news.


10.  NEW BUSINESS:  None.



·         2011 Convention in Colorado July 18-22.  Sockys are going.

·         OTR will be August 27-30; anyone who wants to attend who needs more info should contact Mary Sue.


12.  ADJOURNED:  8:18P.