September 17, 2010


1.  Attendance:

Susan Burr

Al Stewart

Pat Sims

Doug Feller

Marian McConnell

Dave Socky

Carl Cornett

Aaron Moses

Haley Pope

Jennifer Perdue

Mary Sue Socky

John Merkwan*

Stephanie Petrie*

David Ratliff*

Chris Frietag*

Jessica Jones*





2.  Trip Reports:

          Rehoboth Church Cave, VA – On August 21, Doug Feller, Pat Sims, Haley Pope, Jessica Jones, Stephanie Petrie, David Ratliff, Chris Frietag, and Susan Burr had a great trip with mud, a snapping turtle, frogs, crayfish, salamanders, and bats.

          Gannett Peak Ice Caves, ID – On August 19 – September 2, Dave Socky, Carl Cornett, Steve, Bob, and Greg went on a summit trip in Idaho – this was also the program for the evening (photos). 

          Cass Cave, WV – On August 21, Aaron Moses and a team of 4 moved the rope and added a bolt to the climb they did last time.  Another team surveyed 730’ of canyon passage, and another lead was surveyed 250’ in a straight line with a 180° bend for another 250’.

          [Secret Cave, WV] – Aaron caved in miles of borehole for about 20 hours.

          [Secret Dig, WV] – On September 3 Aaron worked on a dig and they made about 6’ of progress, then 18’ of progress and felt wind and saw a bat fly by.

          Red Lick Pit, WV – On September 4 Aaron and others did a classic WV multi-drop cave and surveyed the new Red Lick Pit at 86’.

          Memorial Day Cave, WV – On September 11, Aaron and others finished surveying the Flying Dutchman Dome at 303’; the 2nd highest in WV.

          Dixie Caverns, VA – On September 15, Mary Sue Socky did conservation for 4 hours; the wedding party pool area is now much cleaner. She plans to return next weekend to work on the magic mirror pool area.  She hauled out a bag of stuff, including black fabric from the Haunted Cave and about $2 in coins.

          Mystic Caverns, AR – On September 2, Dan and Marian McConnell visited the 2 commercial caves near Harrison, Arkansas.

          Starnes Cave, VA – The BRG trip will meet at HROM at 9am.  There may be some rope and ladder options for a 35’ drop. The cave is open; please sign in the guest register.

          Catawba Murder Hole, VA – Please RSVP to Marian; and meet at the McConnell’s house by 9am. 

          James Cave, VA – The October trip will be on Sunday, October 17 and led by Dave Socky.  Meet at HROM at 9:30a.


3.  Program of the Day:  Gannett Peak, ID photos by Dave Socky, Carl Cornett, etc.  Also, the Merit Award Cave Ballad, “Why, Why, Whitenose?” by Marian McConnell.


4.  Newsletter:  Thanks to all who contributed to the September issue of the Carbide Dump.  Two of the Dump covers placed at the NSS convention this year – one won Best of Show (Aaron’s) and one won Honorable Mention (Dave’s).  Mary Sue has extra copies of past issues if anyone is interested. 


5.  Minutes:  Approved from last month.


6.  Treasurer’s Report:

          Petty Cash - $139.00

          General Fund - $6,459.58

          Conservation Fund - $266.59

          Equipment Fund - $224.12

          Cave Bucks - $127.30

          Checkbook Balance - $7,077.59


7. Membership:  Todd Martin paid his dues.


8.  ROCKS: 

We have information from someone living near Routes 419, 220 and Avenham who has a cave to check out.

An article in the September 16 Roanoke Times discusses a sinkhole which “ruined plans for Microsoft to put a research plant nearby” due to karst and sinkholes.


9.  CONSERVATION:  Mary Sue did conservation in Dixie Caverns; also rescued a ring-necked snake.


10.  WAYS & MEANS:  Nothing.


11.  SAFETY & TECHNIQUES – Dan will be working with the newbies who come to the Murder Hole trip.  There is also a vertical practice at the Socky’s house on Sunday, September 19 at 10a.


12.  MEMBERSHIP PROPOSALS:  Stephanie Petrie and Jessica Jones submitted their letters for consideration of membership in BRG; Susan Burr read the letters as their sponsors.  Carl moved we accept the proposals, Pat second the motion; they will be tabled until the October meeting.



          Alan Staton has not been able to go caving due to working 12-hour shifts and his brother having surgery. 

          Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy leased a cave in Virginia which had been long closed; not sure what cave this is.  Was supposed to have been announced at OTR but no one has heard.

          Suggested designs for the 2010 BRG Christmas card are now being accepted and will be reviewed at the October meeting.

          The 2010 BRG Christmas Party will be held at the Socky’s on Saturday, December 18, after the caving trip.  Details TBA.

          In May 2009, BRG agreed not to have any official caving trips due to the voluntary WNS Moratorium.  Now that the State has lifted the moratorium, we need to decide what our “policy” is.  Mary Sue will write up something for review.  We still need to decontaminate our gear, respect closed caves, etc.


14.  ADJOURNMENT:  8:50p


Minutes by Marian McConnell