MEETING MINUTES – July 16, 2010

Vinton Fire House



1. Attendance:


Susan Burr (President)

Doug Feller

Carl Cornett (Treasurer)

Pat Sims

Al Stewart

Dave Socky (VP)

Mary Sue Socky

Nicholas Socky

Trish Geiger

Marian McConnell

Stephanie Petri (guest)

Jess Jones (guest)

Sarah Iler (guest)

David Ratliff (guest)



2. BRG Secretary – Aaron Moses has moved and will no longer be able to serve as BRG Secretary; Marian McConnell offered to serve.  (Has Aaron provided copies of minutes since he’s been Secretary for the BRG archives?)

3. Trip Reports

a. Last month’s BRG trip on June 19 was to Paxton’s with Dave Socky, Doug Feller, Mike Frazier, (Jen Perdue?), Pat Sims, Jessica Jones, Stephanie Petri, and Susan Burr.  The went back to the Christmas Room and messed around in the Western maze.  Came out the long way around back to the slit.  Took lots of pictures.  Did not see any bats. Great dinner at Swinging Bridge restaurant afterwards.

b. Mary Sue went to Grand Caverns on June 10 and cleaned formations with Carol Tiderman and Karen Hager.

c. Dave Socky, Bob Alderson, and Aaron Moses went with Mike Crockett, Cheryl Pratt, Bob Gulden, Dusty Gulden, Natalie Golden, Mary Grache, Steward Daw, etc. to Gap Cave on June 26.  Went in from top and came out below.  Went in the cave at 1pm; it took a little over 4 hours to get to the LAY4 where they started their survey around 5pm.  Surveyed 620’ virgin cave; lots of crawling and side leads.  Came out at 5am.  It took 40 minutes to hike to the cars. 

d. On June 10, Dave Socky, Bill Balfour, Juliet Balfour, George Dasher, Rocky Parsons, and Rick Gegg went to Viers Water Cave and Hughart Cave.  Dave, Bill, and Juliet surveyed, got wet, and ended in a siphon.  They used a 100-foot tape.  Water was chest-deep for about 1000’.  Surveyed 1000’ feet in Viers and 490 in Hughart. 

e. This month’s BRG trip is on July 17 to Porters Cave.  The plan is to go through the keyhole and across the natural bridges.  Will take about 4-5 hours underground; meet at HROM at 9am.

f. August BRG trip – TBA

3. Program – Slides of 3 recent trips by Dave Socky.

4. Treasurer’s Report


          Petty Cash               $    139.00

          Checkbook Balance   $ 7,130.46

          General Fund           $ 6,517.95

          Conservation Fund    $    261.09

          Equipment Fund       $    224.12

          Cave Bucks              $    127.30


5. Newsletter – July and August issue were combined due to Convention (in August).


6. Membership – No new membership proposals.


7.  ROCKS – None.


8. Safety & Techniques – Anyone interested in vertical training during the September 25 Murder Hole trip should contact Marian McConnell (540.309.4707) or email her at – she’ll coordinate with Dan.


9.  Conservation – Nothing.


10.  Ways & Means – Nothing.


11.  Old Business


          a. White Nose Syndrome (WNS) Decontamination updates – Per Virginia DCR and Virginia Cave Board, we can go caving now as long as our gear is clean (and the cave is not closed).  Keep gear in WNS areas and refer to the blue sheet, “Quick Reference for WNS” from US Fish & Wildlife Service dated June 2009.


          b. On June 25, some spelunkers were rescued out of New River Cave.  Seven went in and three got lost.  Mary Sue initiated the cascade call system; Dan and Marian were ready to go but the people were found soon thereafter. 


          c. Alex Sproul’s father passed away – card passed around for signatures.


12.  New Business


          a. Susan will try to coordinate another canoe trip for BRG members; possibly with Brian Williams like last time.


          b. Fall VAR will be October 1-3 at Friar’s Hole site.  Very primitive – no electricity or water.


          c. 2nd Annual Celebrate Catawba event will be held on August 14 from 10a-3p.  Marian (and possibly Cole) will be there with information about BRG, bats, WNS, and cave conservation.


          d. Marian received a copy of some High School students’ project (DVD) about Murder Hole from last fall – she will provide to Dave for possible use as a program.


          e. The 61st annual OTR will be September 2-6.


          f. The NSS 2010 Convention will be held in Vermont form August 2-6.


13.  News & Announcements

          Greenbrier WV Turbines vs. Bats

          BCI - $ Wanted

          T-shirts and Gloves are available for sale


14.  Adjournment at 8:30p



Notes by Marian McConnell