July 18, 2008


Pat Sims                       Al Stewart                     Mary Sue Socky                        Dave Socky

Susan Burr                    Carl Cornett                   Marian McConnell                      Todd Martin

Cyndi Hutchison            Aaron Moses                 Dan McConnell                          Cole Frantz

*Molly Miller                  *John Semones

Chris Heptinstall dropped by for a moment to open the room for us.

* denotes guest.           




Dave Socky had 2 pages worth.  Get him to email you the file for cut & paste.


7/5:  Doug and Jenny Feller and one more GS went into Goodwin Cave, VA.  I think Cheryl Feller waited outside for them.


July 3-6:  Carl Cornett, Dave Socky, Aaron Moses, Rickey Shortt traveled to Rumbling Falls Cave, TN and Keystone River Cave, TN for some vertical fun. (see slide show).  On Sunday, they searched and found numerous waterfalls in a pretty area.


July 5:  Cyndi H. and Mary Sue Socky did some easy caving, conservation work with Carol Tiderman in Grand Caverns, VA. They ended up in the narrow room off the top of the stairs, looking for the elusive air flow.  Cyndi was willing to climb up to find the airway, until the rotten rock/saprolite kept breaking off under her boots.  There is a good chance the air IS coming from a high passage in the formations.  They spent the rest of the time digging, moving rocks/fill to uncover a white flowstone formation and find the “floor” of the room.  They did find another piece of an antique glass bottle that Carol T. is reassembling. 


7/12:  Dave and Mary Sue were near Asheville, NC.  They did “Moonshiner’s Cave” and “The Subway”, as well as numerous rock shelter overhangs in Chimney Rock State Park, NC.  They drove around, looked for, but didn’t find Bat Cave in the community of Bat Cave, NC.  Then they went to DuPont State Forest and toured some waterfalls, including getting into a grotto behind Hooker’s Falls, NC, that was featured in the movie “The Last of the Mohicans”. 


July 5:  Pat Sims, Susan Burr, Anya Crane, Kevin Mulligan, Scott Davis and Jay (the annoying one) worked on getting into “Kevin’s Attic” section off Dante’s Inferno in Grand Caverns, VA.  They GOT INTO VIRGIN PASSAGE!  Susan was first!  There were lots of “rafts” that looked like stacks of pancakes.  Pat called this are “IHOP”.  Photos were taken, but no surveying (yet).  Small surveyors are needed!!


6/21:  BRG trip to Greenbrier PoorFarm Cave, WVa.  Doug Feller led.  We got lost and fund underground, lots of pretty photos were taken, and it was a fun trip!


6/29:  Aaron Moses, Rick Shortt and folks from NRVG did a Newberry-Banes crossover trip.  They did the Banes drop, Triple Wells, Bill’s Rappel and climbed the Devils Staircase. 


7/12: Aaron Moses, Bob Zimmerman, others went to Shovel Eater Cave, WV.  This cave involves lots of “European Style rebelays”.  They were cleaning up side passages and leads for the cave survey.  At one point, no one wanted to follow Aaron, who was in some pretty sketchy passage. 


July 2008:  Collier’s Cave, VA.  Cole Frantz, John Semones, Carl Cornett, Don Anderson, Bill Pond, Leanne Barley, Rickey Shortt, Debbie NLN, Tommy NLN.  It was not a long trip, except for the “photo trip”.  Pretty cave.  They visited Don Anderson’s cabin afterwards.


July 2008 – Pig Hole, VA.  Rickey Shortt led the trip.  Cole Frantz, John Semones, two other NRVG cavers.  The dropped the entrance pit and climbed out, did not go through the cave.


July 4, 11. 18 – The last 3 Fridays Marian McConnell and Carl Cornett have been training new Roanoke City Park & Rec leaders and taking RoCiPR trips to Island Ford Cave, VA.  The last group of summer camp participants were a bit “high energy”.


UPCOMING – July 19 – Buckeye Creek Cave - WET!!! Mary Socky will lead the easy trip, and Dave Socky will lead the thru trip into Spencer Cave and out through Buckeye Creek Entrance.


AUGUST – NO MEETING. POOL PARTY Aug 16 @ Spring Run Pool, Roanoke, VA


PROGRAM:  Aaron Moses’ and Rickey Shortt’s AWESOME slide show on Rumbling Falls and Keystone River Cave, TN – and don’t forget the waterfalls!!  (The last half of “Carlsbad Caverns” will be shown at the September 12 meeting*).





TREASURER  7/18/08

General Fund       $ 4575.22

VAR Registration $   189.00 

Conservation        $   251.09

Equipment Fund  $   341.00

Cave Bucks         $      85.30

 Total:    $ 5,441.61



Committee Reports:

Newsletter:  the Editors got this one out in 9-12 hours.  Will take a break next month.  Thanks for your submissions! Send in your artwork, photos, and articles for the September edition.

Membership: nothing new. 

ROCKS: nothing new

S&T:  Dan will set up a training session at RocWood climbing wall once he finds the Director.

Conservation: vacant

Ways & Means: vacant


Membership Proposals

Nothing tabled, nothing new.  NSS Membership brochures are at the front desk.




BRG Website: Shawn Hinchee had originally purchased the address; it is now transferred to Dave Socky.


Hosting Fall VAR 2008 (Susan Burr & Pat Sims) So far, 19 people have pre-registered!

  •   We have “ordered” black Koozies with yellow and grey highlights for VAR (from a different company)
  • We will have one vendor – IMO.  Hoping one or two more vendors can make it too.   
  • Work on guidebook has begun.


White Nose Syndrome (WNS)   nothing new to report.  Check VAR Limited Access Cave List for new updates and “gear cleaning” recommendations.  Several closed caves have been opened for the summer to cavers.


BRG Pool Party.  Will be Aug 16, 2008; rain date Aug 17.  Please sign up by Aug 11.


Dixie Caverns Haunted Cave 2008 – Is a GO.  Will discuss everything at next BRG meeting*. 


Banner Update – Dave Socky will send the company the banner graphics once they come back from vacation.  Local guy is supposed to make it, for app. $70.00 Susan Burr hopes the banner will be flying for the Pool Party. 





Should we have a BRG meeting one week early in September?  (Sept. 12*) Otherwise, we will have no meetings before Oct. 17. 

Susan Burr motioned that we schedule a Sept. 12 meeting.  Mary Sue Socky seconded.  Motion passed; hope that Chris can schedule the room for us on that date.  If no room, we’ll find someplace to meet.


Does BRG want to go see “Journey to the Center of the Earth” as a group?  YES.  Marian McConnell will pick date and time, and send info via BRG email.


Finances:  Both BCI (Bat Conservation International) and WVCC (WVa Cave Conservancy) want BRG to “rejoin” their organizations.  This is in addition to our donations.  Joining each organization will cost app. $50.00 each.  Susan motioned that we “rejoin” both organizations.  Dave Socky seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  Susan will send re-applications in. 




  • Thank You from WVCC for our “Haunted Cave” donation.
  • NSS Convention 2008 (Lake City FL) Aug. 11-15, 2008 registration info.
  • 2008 Nittany Grotto 60th Anniversary/MAR preregistration form. (Oct 10-12)
  • Available from NSS Bookstore:  “Vertical Bill: The Story of Bill Cuddington and the Development of Vertical Caving in America”.  On sale $28.00 - $32.00
  • NEW VAR CLOSED CAVE LIST is available.  We have a few hardcopies for folks.  Some caves have re-opened for the summer. 



Meeting ended 8:50p.


Minutes submitted by

Mary Sue Socky

Secretary, Blue Ridge Grotto.