Blue Ridge Grotto Minutes




porters - big slit, some of the new stuff

grand caverns – jan 3 surveyed kevins attic, ihop    128’surveyed

new river – dec 29 pat susan alan dave, mike frazier, carl cornet

nov28+29 gap cave 500’ survey 18hr

water sinks nov huge group almost left doug

jan 2 alan – breathing cave entrance clogged w/ leaves, went to nutcracker formation

Nov 25 + 25 – Aaron Moses, Carl Cornet, and Will Urbanski went to bottom of Yer cave and down Andrews room drop in

Nov 28+29 – Aaron Moses, Nikki Fox, and Chris Coates went in Carpenters cave, Dreen cave, Just and Just right caves

Dec 5-7 – Aaron Moses, Pete Pencer, and Dwight Livingston bolted 2 high leads on a camp trip in memorial day cave.  More domes were found, including one over 225’ tall

Dec 12 – Aaron Moses and Abby Hohn bounced Sites cave 180’pit and explored lower level.

Dec 20-Jan 1-Aaron Moses and 9 other cavers explored El Soplo de los Toros in Mexico making it 1700’ deep and the deepest cave in Nuevo Leon

Jan 6-10 – Aaron Moses, Abby Hohn, and Nikki Green bounced 6 pits in TAG during a flood.  The pits were very wet.

Jan 11 – Aaron Moses and Bob Alderson surveyed about 30’ over very tight phreatic tube in Shovel Eater Cave


grotto trip – scott hollow


New business

Rocks – no report

Safety and techniques – hope to have something set up for ext month

Mid Atlantic Karst Conservancy – membership expiring

Motion to buy new lights

Al has carbide – mostly dried up



NCRC training

VAR at Grand Caverns, hosted by Front Royal Grotto


feb21 trip – mc clungs


mar 21 trip – john pearson leading 9 people into boarhole cave  beginner trip with ladder and mad


ncrc cave rescue management seminar june


Treasurer report:

Petty cash                    $  139.00

Checkbook balance    $7529.27

Total assets     $7668.27


General account          $6923.80

Conservation fund     $  106.09

Equipment fund          $  341.08

Cave bucks                  $  103.30